Our Ministries

+Christian Arts Ministry
The purpose of the Music Ministry is to minister to the Church through artistic expression and dance.

  • Praise Dancers | Mime Ministry
+Culinary Arts Ministry
The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to assist in extending a welcoming arm to visiting Church, Ministers, organizations, etc… It may also perform the tasks of greeter, host/hostesses, arranging accommodations for out-of-town guests, etc… In addition, the Hospitality Ministry assumes the responsibility of total food service operation of the Church.  Through fulfilling this purpose the food service ministry ensures all events and situations that require food serving is done efficiently and effectively.
+Christian Education Ministry
The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to conduct or coordinate activities and educational programs (i.e. Bible Study, training, workshops, etc…), which aid in the lifelong development of Christian faith and discipleship.  The ministry develops means to encourage others in their relationship with God and provide opportunities for strengthening and growth.
+Deacons Ministry
A Deacon is a man who has been set apart to serve in a special role in the name of Jesus Christ.  He is an ordained officer of the Church selected and approved by the Pastor, Deacons Ministry and the Church.  He is to serve the Lord, his Pastor, his Church and His Community.
+Deaconess Ministry
A Deaconess is a woman who has been set apart to serve in a special role in the name of Jesus Christ.  She is not ordained but has been selected by the Pastor and Officers of the Church.  As a Deaconess she is required to serve to the best of her knowledge and ability.  Her selection may be subject to the approval of the Church.
+Flower Guild Ministry
The purpose of the Flower Guild is to flower the altar and the Church in accordance with the Church calendar year.  The Guild helps with receiving and preparing flowers, beautification of the church sanctuary, caring for the flowers while they are in the church and removing them.
+Media/Publications Ministry
The purpose of the Media/Publications Ministry is to maintain all audio-visual equipment and record all worship services.  This is an outreach ministry that aides in providing spiritual growth to our members, non-members and sick & shut-ins.  This ministry is also responsible for the publicity of the Church and publication of Church materials.
+Men's Ministry
Exaltation: Men Devoted to God; Equipping: Men Discipled to Maturity
Evangelism: Men Declaring God’s Truth to the World. The Men’s Ministry’s purpose is to disciple and equip the men of North Gayton in their roles as men of God, whether married, single, at any age. We seek to provide a venue for modeling the life of Christ to men. We seek to do this through teaching, fellowship, and service; providing opportunity for fostering spiritual friendships and developing disciplining relationships, so that men can grow in conformity to Christ, specifically in their roles as men. Proverbs 27.17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The principle given here is that men need the encouragement, teaching, fellowship, and modeling of the Christian life from other men..
+Missionary Ministry
The purpose of the Missionary Ministry is to minister to the Benevolent (i.e.: kind, well-wishing, charitable) needs in church families and community members.  Members of this ministry seek to aid in the relief of human suffering and to follow the example of the Lord Jesus in love and compassion for the less fortunate.
+Music Ministry
The purpose of the Music Ministry is to minister to the Church through music and song.

  • Sanctuary Choir (1st Sundays)
  • Youth Inspirational Choir (2nd Sundays)
  • Men’s Choir (3rd Sundays)
  • Combined Voices (4th Sundays)
  • Praise Team (2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sundays)
+Pastor's Aide Ministry
The purpose of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to assist the Pastor with prayers and encouraging words and actions.
+Senior's Ministry
The purpose of the Senior’s Ministry is to “SOAR” in Ministry.   Serve | Organize | Armoured | Ready.
+Sunday School Ministry
The purpose of the Sunday School Ministry is to provide instruction of discussion classes at various age levels.  This is a quality teaching ministry that helps people of all ages, broaden their knowledge of the Bible.
+Transportation Ministry
The purpose of the Transportation Ministry is to provide transportation to members who want to attend services and do not have the means to make it to Church functions.  This ministry also provides transportation for Church activities and trips.
+Trustee/Finance Ministry
The Trustees are the stewards of the Church.  Their primary responsibility is to take care of all of the physical needs of the Church.
+Usher's Ministry
The purpose of the Usher’s Ministry is to stand as doorkeeper of God’s house.  To effectively achieve this purpose, ushers prepare the sanctuary for service, making sure everything is neat and in order, greet visitors and members with a warm and welcomed smile, provide assistance to those in need during service, and perform their duties as they relate to the service.
+Women's Inspirational Network (WIN)
WIN was established with the primary goal of bringing women together from all walks of life to be a support system and a beacon of hope to each other in times of joy, challenges; growth and opportunities.  Our motto is: “I Am My Sisters Keeper.”  We have incorporated this theme into an action statement to encourage all women to employ the three R’s RELAX, RELATE, RELEASE.
+Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry aligns itself with the overall mission and goals of the Christian Education Ministry.  It is responsible for the functions related to youth in the Church and community at large.  It plans and directs youth worship services, activities, outings, retreats, and special occasions, as well as, counsels and trains helpers as needed.


North Gayton Baptist Church

We believe that a local church is a body of believers, systematically assembled together by the orchestration of the Holy Spirit, with common visions.  Having all things necessary for the perfecting of the saints.  We also believe that every believer must belong to, be attached to, firmly fixed in, committed and submitted to a local church.

The Baptist Church

A Christian church, according to the point of view traditionally held by Baptist, is a company of regenerate persons, baptized on profession of faith in Christ; united in covenant for worship, instruction, the observance of Christian ordinances, and for such service as the gospel requires; recognizing and accepting Christ as their Supreme Lord and Lawgiver, and taking the New Testament as a divinely inspired record and therefore a trustworthy, authoritative, and all-sufficient rule of faith and practice.

Ministry Meetings

Trustee Meeting
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
@ 6:00 PM
Men’s Meeting
Saturday, August 9, 2014
@ 9:00 AM
Win Meeting
Saturday, August 9, 2014
@ 11:00 AM
Missionary Ministry Meeting
Saturday, August 23, 2014
@ 11:00 AM