Children’s Church Hour

Children’s Church Hour are bible lessons designed to develop a child’s understanding of bible scripture through both the application of art appropriate age reading material. Light healthy snacks be served.

These sessions are also provided that adults and parents may enjoy uninterrupted regular worship services.  Children’s Church Hour will allow kids to experience worship services especially developed and prepared for them by teachers with curriculum developmental skills.

“To present the Word of God in an understandable format; provide strong bible foundations; to inspire and encourage those attributes through applying life application examples.”

Our Vision
“Teach, train, and prepare our children for tomorrow’s leaders in the faith community.  To show Jesus Christ to the world as Lord and Savior.”

Children’s Church Hour Goals:

  • Show the love of God in His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Maintain a fun and learning atmosphere for children’s enjoyment.
  • Create and provide new and fresh curriculum for all age groups.
  • Provide bible knowledge to assist them when they are ready to make decisions regarding a life of faith.
  • Show Jesus Christ as God’s Son and Savior of the world.